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 Why Genesis?

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PostSubject: Why Genesis?   Tue Mar 04, 2008 4:27 pm

So, for people who would wonder why i'd choose Genesis as the name of the clan here is your answer. ==>

1: It sounds cool, for those who don't know it means Next age/generation.
2:It's from anime and to tell you the truth i'm a total geek of anime^.^ if your not blind you should have seen the forum banner which obviously has a anime char on it, well not the banner w/e you call it.

So now for those who don't know this anime and like anime, It's called Air Gear there's an anime with great music but unfortunately it doesn't even cover up half of the story of the paper version, it's about special rollerblades with small motos called air trecks making them able to do some really outstanding and freaky things with them (90% of the techniques used in this are from actual physic theories, of course they're a little "buffed" ^^) i really recommend this for people who like a bunch of cool characters, for hentai freaks (like me once more) some really hot and cute girls and a very intresting story line which is actually hard to comprehend (get's complicated after the end of the anime, when the manga follows up) which is rare for a shonen (teenage boys/girls manga, pretty sure)
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Why Genesis?
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