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 The Rules Of The Ladder

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PostSubject: The Rules Of The Ladder   Tue Mar 11, 2008 2:58 pm

After discussions with the most active member, see ==> What's the ladder for here is the entire system the only part i haven't totally decided on yet is well... i'll say it at the end.

So Starting with the solo ladder ==> 2 of them ==> Bleach wars ladder + Naruto Wars ladder. 98% of these rules apply to the others, there will be 3 ladders so basically it will be Like this :

Ladder 1 : Starting Point ==> Ladder 2 : Intermediate Ladder ==> Ladder 3 : The Final Ladder

Team ladder ==> 2v2 3v3 4v4 5v5 ladders ==> 3 each going by the same system as the solo one.

Red Winter Ffa Ladder ==> 1 ==> 3 ladders same system as solo

A few Base Rules that apply to each "mode" or as i call it "spec" :

Once you "move up" from a ladder, you cannot go back to the last one to understand this topic you need to read this one and in-clan wars rules topic so yeah, basically it's like a permanent rank up as long as you reach ladder 2 from ladder 1 or ladder 3 from ladder 2 you will never be able to go back down, even by the use of the Deal system.

Any attempts at cheating will cause you an instant kick/ban from forum and clan and also straight into the clan Banlist

Matches done without proper watching by 1 maybe 2 judges for important match-ups will not be added onto the ladder. (for bw and nw, for red winter only 1 is needed but 2 can be useful and for the team matches 2v2 3v3 4v4 will be judged by 2 judges 5v5 will be Auto-Judged by the team captains of the teams WHILE they play, check the 5v5 Special Requirements post In the team rules topic.)

A member from a ladder may not challenge someone from the other 2 ladders unless he challenges the top 5 of the ladder he "graduated" from no exceptions possible.

So your probably all wondering when someone reaches a higher leveled ladder ==> for example ladder 1 to 2 (only one can move from a ladder to another at a time, just continue reading til the end, you'll understand Wink ) basically according to the number of players on the ladder with a minimum of 15 for the system to be put in place. each of the 15 or more it could go to thousands someday (Razz) will be taken By Ai/Npc characters, that will basically show a point score you'll need to beat ==> once more continue to read and you'll understand.

On to the "most important part" :

How will the ladder spots be occupied and how do you change ladders and other things lie that :

The first thing to say would be the system is a point-based ladder system basically a set number of points is needed to reach the new ladder, you also need to be 1st of that ladder to be able to go to the next one.Once a player "graduates" to the next ladder, the number 2 of the old ladder will be in the obligation to fight him if he wins he gains one rank up from him disregarding any Npc/ai point restrictions to pass. if he loses he will need to do the double of the points that he has at that moment instead of the normal number to reach the next ladder.

Will be continued. i'm worn out these days, i need a little sleep ^-
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Number of posts : 163
Age : 23
Location : World Of The Shinigami ==> I can't lose thanks to my Death Note Yohohohoho
Registration date : 2008-03-02

PostSubject: Re: The Rules Of The Ladder   Thu Mar 13, 2008 11:53 am

Hmm finally i have nothing to add to that important thing, can't seem to find what i was gonna write well anyway now onto the (real) "important thing" the Listing and the points... :

Firstly, the listing, basically it will be ==> Wins Losses And Total of points. people who have a tight point score but a much higher Winning efficiency the one with the highest efficiency will be placed one spot ahead example : 245 points 240 points wins 50 losses 200 (just making it up lol) wins 100 losses 50 the second person will be automatically promoted to 246 points and be ahead Smile

Losses do not affect your points they're only a ranking so the officials can get an idea of the efficiency of a player.

Okay so now for the points : This might change, whenever you see a new post, you should read the additions Smile first i'll start with the ladder points For Solo which will be the same for teams : You need 240 Points to go to the second ladder (and be first of that ladder of course Very Happy) then you need 520 points and 1st place again and then when you get to 1000 points AND you managed to stay 1st for at least 1 week (inactivity will be sanctionned even if you have a reason, basically you'll get demoted back to the beggining of that ladder) after doing that nothing will happen for a while just see the Post about Specs.

Now Point gains are as follows ==> (still for solo and team) going from Best to Worst :
1 : Winning In a match judged to be Very tight, very intresting to watch ==> 12 Points
2 : Normal Win ==> 4
3 : Crushing Win : Basically when you fight someone of a rank lower than 5 from you (rank in the ladder) or when you crush someone literally ==> 2
4 : Draw : When the match is too close to technically determine a winner for example use of cheap tactics to end the game and stuff like that... ==> 1
5 : Loss ==> 0.5 : this is just so even people who are completely outclassed have a chance to get better on the ladder and hopefully become a good player Wink

Will be finished tonight was waiting for an afk Razz
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Number of posts : 163
Age : 23
Location : World Of The Shinigami ==> I can't lose thanks to my Death Note Yohohohoho
Registration date : 2008-03-02

PostSubject: Re: The Rules Of The Ladder   Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:07 pm

Didn't really finish it "that night" haha Razz kk with this it should be done behold the greatness of our system Wink
So basically cause according to me i didn't explain it to well 2Nd ladder barrier 240 points and being first of that ladder then 3rd ladder barrier (last) 520 and first place of that ladder and then once you get 1000 and become number 1 of the 3rd ladder and manage to stay 1 week (see just down how it will work ;D) then you'll get quite a bit of choices Smile ==> Spec and Special ranking posts

So the way that i can make sure your not inactive is in that week you HAVE to plan out at least 2 fights with other members, once the week is complete if you didn't do them you'll go in over time til you do your 2 fights if you take to long i'll just demote to beginning because during that time the ladder will be disabled til the 2 fights end.

Ok now the points for Red Winter this might change as new vers come out and stuff Smile

The System for the in-clan wars will be very different in this, So for now here is what i think what would be good... if you have something to say ==> wc3 ==> General information til i answer it then i'll delete it Wink your all allowed to comment it. ok so this will also go for the in-clan wars rules Very Happy now onto it Very Happy :

This system is much more complicated than the solo one :
Basically you can get Negative bonuses and Positive Bonuses
Now i'll start with how much a win/loss/etc in this gives :
A win is 50 points (The ladder point restrictions is obviously different Wink )
A Crushing Win is 70 Points (technically a crushing win is hard to do unlike naruto wars when someone is winning pretty badly others start teaming up on him trust me from personal experience >....<)
There are limits to ganging you are technically not allowed to focus the player you may 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 as long as your not totally focusing that person. basically your not allowed to use all your spells on that 1 poor dude you'll have a huge deduction of points if a judge sees you do it Smile
2nd place is 25 points
3rd place is 10 points
less than that is 0
The reason for this is because even someone who gets ganged and had obviously won the game gets points... so he can take his revenge another day ;D
I'll warn before, argument with judging on the negative and positive bonuses won't be taken to well, technically the judges will be me and players who want to do it and that i trust Wink so they'll be impartial and ofc when they play they won't judge themselves. You are allowed to make a plaint to me if you think a judge hasn't been fair and i will try my best to sort it out if that judge is me then you'll ask another of the judges, they're not perfect people don't except them to never do any mistakes.
Ok, So i'll start with negative bonuses these are the charts :

Ganging : According to the lameness of the gang from 0-20 (0 for well it was explained a few lines ago)
KillStealing : Since this is something i tend to do a lot i rather put a special rule for it :
if you go to someone while he's killing someone and just wait and take last hit on them then for example killing the other one that is the bottom of lameness, this does not go for creep ksing doing that is totally unallowed, consequences will be severe so yeah basically your allowed to ks as long as it's not killsteal basically your allowed to totally rape 2 people by using the vortex scroll when they're fighting that is called tactics usage of nets in that kind of attack is unallowed. otherwise nets are allowed because without it a part of the fun would go away Smile unlike naruto wars no heroes get an unfair advantage from using nets. so don't use nets if you gang someone, if you tp to low life people don't use nets use your skills and get them the fair way Wink and i'm repeating myself but No last-hit stealing as long as you do a good amount of dmg your allowed to steal the kill from the original person who did the damage at first i know this might not seem fair... but technically that game is all about sneakyness and hero skills... So to balance this it will be the judges who will have the choice on how to sanction this depending on how it happened and everything : The point can go from a deduction of 0-30 For each killsteal.
Allying with another player is totally unallowed (i remind you this is only for official games clan wars and in-game clan wars...^-^ for a clan wars your just not allowed to ally a friend from the other clan's side Smile ) if a judge sees it they are allowed to choose how many point deductions or anything if you do it twice there is a chance you'll get kicked/Banned from the clan or just reduced to the lowest possible clan ladder rank (which a dipshit that allys in official games to increase his chances would just leave from anyway so lolz) So i'll resume it:
Killstealing : 0-30
Allying : Judge decides. a little specification i forgot to say... If your going to ally make it discrete as pro team players do Smile you are technically allowed to make sure your friend or whoever make it first and second.
Ganging : 0-20
Judges who abuse this and are too severe will be themselves banned, i trust someone who wants to be judge to not start abusing his position to crush players he doesn't like...

Now for the positive bonuses :

See The description of the judging rank in the thread ==> Special Ranks rules/explanations

So now the ladder requirements :
Same as solo ladder making 3 ladders bla bla bla Rules crap bla bla bla (Wink to unforgotten realms for those who know it Very Happy)
1st ladder passage to 2nd : 600 points and 1st of ladder
2nd ladder passage to 3rd : 1350 points and 1st of ladder
Same thing as solo/teams that will be explained in another post. The points you need is 2850 points and you need to pass a test once you get these 2850 you will be put off the ladder til 5 people (including you) reach it minimum you'll be allowed to start another ladder meanwhile But you won't be allowed to change from ladder 1 to 2 and you will not be allowed to go past the number of points for the first ladder passage to second Wink when 5 peeps get these 2850 points they'll fight off on the desired date the winner and runner up get... Very Happy see Special Ranks rules/explanations and Spec post.

For now i think this is all Smile Credits on the making of this intresting system to devil_dark who motivated about 75% of this Wink
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PostSubject: Re: The Rules Of The Ladder   

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The Rules Of The Ladder
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