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 Clan policy/objectives

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PostSubject: Clan policy/objectives   Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:08 am

So this topic will be about what is the objective of this clan and our various policies,

A special Banlist section will be added any people i ban will be added there so you can also kick them on sight.

my personal objective is to first have fun but secondly, i want to make it fun for others, the competitive system is pretty exciting since i can basically lose my leader rank and it adds a little "spice" to the clan, but the real goal is : aren't you tired of seeing dota td's (ripped off of mauls) random shitt (ripped off of dog shitt) and shinobi wars (gay rippers of DOTA AND of Naruto wars) so yeah the goal is basically to revive a bunch of good old games as the clan becomes bigger more and more games will be added. that is the basic goal.
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Clan policy/objectives
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